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The team
The head of the loft-team is Kurt Augustin. He was born 1958 and he races pigeons since 1987. He works as department head in a firm that makes model cars called HERPA. IMG_5228 Züchter klein
His wife Theresia helps him.
They live in Bavaria, nearby Nuremberg.

Our racing-lofts are in the top of the house.There is one loft for the hens and one for 40 cocks. There is a loft for about 100 young pigeons, too.
The breeding-lofts are in the top of the garage.

The pigeons
Our current breeding pigeons are mostly bred by Gaston van de Wouwer and Danny van Dyck.
In 2007 we bought 10 pigeons from Gaston van de Wouwer. We were immediately impressed by these pigeons. They have been raced as young animals and they fully met our expectations. The offspring also confirms our first impression.  Gaston van de Wouwer’s topbreeder is the “Kaasboer”. His offsprings bring excellent performances on many lofts, such as several national race winners, provincial race winners and ace pigeons.

The 05837-08-111 became 2nd ace hen in the RGV in 2010 and flew .
1st Pr. - 3230 p. - 436 km RGV
1st Pr. - 2167 p. - 558 km RGV
1st Pr. - 1491 p. - 304 km - 57 breeders
She comes from a brother of our Olympia 132 and a granddaughter of Kaasboer from Gaston.Kaasboer2

2010 the 05837-09-1052 flew a 1st prize in the RGV against 2167 pigeons - 558 km. She comes from a grandson of Kaasboer with a Bellens hen.
She also flew a 1st prize against 2087 pigeons - 227 km.

The 05837-09-1003W is a pure Van de Wouwer offspring from 2 grandchildren of the Kaasboer. It was the best hen 2010  RV.

In 2014 we bought the first pigeons from Danny van Dyck. Crossed with the Van de Wouwer pigeons we were able to achieve a further increase in performance.
So the 05837-15-858W won 44 prizes on 46 races and was in the Superstar exhibition 2019. She comes from a great-grandson of Kaasboer and a hen from Danny van Dyck from the lines “111” and “Nieuwe Zoon Di Caprio”. She is now in the breeding loft.
You can find more information about our most successful pigeons in the section “racers

Our career
It is an old wisdom that the good pigeon is at the beginning, and good leadership brings success. We have started with offsprings of birds from Hartogs, Janssen and Leen Boers. Because of the success that we had with this pigeons, we bought some originals from Theo Hartogs and later also from Leen Boers. Leen Boers was a close friend of our family. Every year he gave us babys from his best breeders and we selected them strictly. So the basic of our stock has been the Leen Boers pigeons. In our loft you found descendants of Mirage 32, Apache, Ferrari, Sprinter, Stier 524, Ballon, Bourges, Intercity, a.s.o. - a family that is raised out of 1st prize-winners.
We have tested pigeons out of some various lofts. The most of them we selected after some years. But we had good results with Schellens-pigeons out of the National 1 and the pigeons from Andre Bellens. They harmonize excellently.

Here are just a few examples
The 05837-00-10  (3rd Ace hen district) is a daughter of '38 (3rd Ace-pigeon District, best yearling Riro-championship against 15000 lofts ...). He is a son of NL.91-2803438, a original Hartogs, whose descendants had a great part in our success  They are always crossed with Leen Boers-pigeons.
05837-99-1429 (best hen RV, 2nd  KV) is a granddaughter of '438, too

The 05837-00-110 (5th Ace hen district) is raised out of a son National 1 and a hen from Andre Bellens.

The 05837-00-154 (4th Ace hen district) comes out of a son Mirage '32 and a daughter of Ballon from Leen Boers.
The parents of our Olympiade 132 are a son of Andre Bellens' Klakduivin and a daughter of Ballon from Leen Boers.

The As 461 (2007: 13/13 prices, 1126.32 Asp., 47th ace hen national Germany) comes from another son of Klakduivin (Andre Bellens) and a hen who is very closely bred to Nationale 1.

 05837-01-1202 was 1st Ace hen Combine. She is breed from a son of National 1 and a daughter of Bourges from Leen Boers.

The 2nd best of RGV 2005 is 05837-03-2065. Sie is a daughter of 155, a son National 1. Her mother is a hen from Andre Bellens.

The method
Often fanciers ask what must I do, to become as successfull like you?
First you need excellent pigeons and a good loft, than you must find the necessery feeling. Spend a lot of time with your pigeons. Watch them as often as you can and take many notes. Write down your mistakes and write down what you did well and don't forget to read this notes when the new season starts. Try to touch a lot of very good pigeons.
Since 2001 we race with hens only.
We mate them at the end of December. They rear one child, then we separate them.
The food at race-time is without peas and beans, but we give a protein product (Silberpfeil from Klaus) 2 days a week .
When they come home we give lemon juice and minerals into the water..
If there will be a long-distance-race we feed more corn up to 50%.

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